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Autumn Hues Luxury Blend - 100g


Where I was working had the most incredible autumn colours this year. Ranging from yellow gold to reds and browns. Sadly the final photograph does not really do the place justice, as I kept forgetting my camera, and the day I remembered it, the rain arrived, and lots of the leaves had fallen due to wind :-(
However, this roving is much closer to my memory of walking into the prep room, to be bathed in a warm golden glow caused by the sun streaming through the golden yellow leaves of the sycamore outside.
The roving is a beautifully soft blend of natural brown baby llama blended with bamboo, mulberry silk and corridale. This blend seems to just glow from within, and it is so soft (some has already decamped into my stash.... ups!)
Most of the fibes in this blend will felt. The roving is light and airy, so will be straightforward to spin.


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