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Deepest Purple Batt - 100g

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I was asked which of my colourways would go well with Phoenix Arising rolags. After much thought, I decided to put together a blend which looks like a solid colour from as distance, but close up, there is a real depth of shades

This 100g batt is blended twice (most of my batts are triple blended to ensure that all of the fibres are completely mixed together). In this case, I wanted the different shades of 21 micron merino, 18.5 micron merino, tussah silk, Angelina and viscose to be sufficiently blended for easy spinning, but still some of the individual shades can be discerned in the blend.

The final photograph shows how this colourway looks with a Phoenix Arising rolag.

You will receive a single, 100g batt. You will not receive a Phoenix Arising rolag with this listing.

The merino fibres in this blend will felt.


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