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Oh! I do like to be beside the Seaside! Themed Box - 250g minimum


As a child, during the summer, we took trips, when on holidays to the beach. This despite the fact that we live 2-3 miles from the nearest shore!

This did not stop the excitement of looking for the sea, especially if we were in Yorkshire, and we were looking for the North Sea, rather than the Solway Firth. There would be shouts of 'I can see the Sea!' as we neared on of the coastal towns - kudos going to whomever had spotted the sea first. British seaside holidays including bracing walks along the beach, wanders along the harbour walls, looking at the fishing boats - trying to batt off the seagulls if you had an icecream or fish and chips!

This themed box includes a minimum of 250g of fibre, all of which are based on the seaside. The box includes;

100g Discarded Nets rolags / Punis

100g Stormy Seas Luxury Blend

50g Sand Castle Batt.

The Sand Castle Batt is made from beautifully soft Shetland fibre blended with baby alpaca and mint fibre. The fibres are blended three times to ensure that all of the fibres are evenly distributed, and a smooth batt is made. If you would prefer honey tussah silk to be used in preference to the mint fibre, just leave a note in the 'Notes to seller section' after purchase.

Also in this box, which would make a lovely gift, is a small lavender sack, to protect your fibres. Attached to the 'stash protector' is a progress marker/ zipper pull, which also fits in with the seaside theme - just what is needed to make your sand castle - a bucket and spade marker!


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