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Raw Jade Rolags - 100g

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This colourway was made up for the 'Silk Roads' rolag club. I chose this semi precious stone as an inspiration because Jade, from ancient times was extremely important to the Chinese, not only for its beauty, but because of what it represents. Confucius said that there are 11 De, or virtues, represented in jade: benevolence, justice, propriety, truth, credibility, music, loyalty, heaven, earth, morality, and intelligence.

The Han Dynasty also made jade burial suits for their rulers because they believed jade to possess magical properties that would protect the body from decay and ward off evil spirits.

The rolags are composed of

18.5 micron merino

21 micron merino

Tussah silk

Red Eri silk, which helps to incorporate a beautiful shimmer and the hint of yellow brown inclusions seen on the unworked jade photograph.

The merino in this blend will felt. If you do not wish it to felt, hand wash in cool water.


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