1st September 2021

It takes approximately 1 hour to make up 100g of fibre, some preparations take slightly longer than others. This is why at present I have a dispatch time of approximately 5 weeks, depending upon numbers of orders.

UK shipping will be sent via Royal Mail (either first class or tracked 48) and all international orders will be sent using a tracked method. Once your item is shipped I will send you an email with your tracking information.

If you have any questions, or would like changes to a blend, or a custom order, please contact me at carol@fellviewfibres.co.uk

Chemosynthesis Rolags - 100g



This is the third colourway based on the 'Underwater Aliens' Theme

The rolags are based on a hydrothermal vent with its associated ‘chemosynthetic based ecosystem’. Black smokers or hydrothermal vents were first discovered in the deep sea in the 1970’s. Here, at the sea bed, thousands of meters down, there is no light. This means that in most places, there is very little life (as 99% of life depends on energy from the sun – via photosynthesis – or eating photosynthetic life forms). At the hydrothermal vent’s scientists discovered teaming life, in temperatures many times that of boiling water. How?!

It transpired that single celled organisms such as algae and bacteria were chemosynthetic – this means that they were producing the energy they required for life from the chemicals (iron based and sulphur based) dissolved in the escaping water. It is now thought that this type of environment may have been the first steps in life on Earth.

These Chemosynthetic rolags are made of 21 micron merino and superfine (18.5 micron) merino in shades of grey and green.

The inspiration photograph was taken by NOAA