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Elegance Batt Set

Only 3 left in stock


I was asked to put together a gradient for Christmas. I decided to use the inspiration of the Christmas decorations moving from white/silver to gold.

I decided to use eri silk to give the shimmering shades of gold in most of the batts. The white batt is made using tussah silk.

The batt set in the photograph shows a 150g gradient made from 2/3 superfine BFL as a base, blended with 1/3 silk.

The BFL fibres and the silks are extremely soft with a long staple length. Yarn spun from this fibre will be next to the skin soft and have a wonderful shimmer and drape. Excellent for items like scarves or shawls.

This gradient can be made with ot without Angelina sparkle (the photographs show no sparkles).

It can aslo be made as either 100g batt set or 150g batt set.

If you would like this blend in another fibre base, just contact me, and this can easily be arranged.


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