30th June 2022

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Fellside Matriarch Gradient Batt Set - 100g

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This is the first colourway to come out of my lovely day at the Eskdale show. I call it 'Fellside Matriarch' as the Herwick lambs start off black and slowly turn a brownish red and eventually to a soft grey as they get older. The ewes that have won all of the ribbons must be at least 2 years old.

These ewes are extremely important to the flock, as they are the ones that are 'hefted' to the fell. When the ewes and lambs are returned to the fells after lambing the ewes 'teach' their offspring where their territory is on the open fellside.

I adore the Herdwick sheep, and have done ever since a child, when I only knew them as 'Buttermere sheep'. Despite this, the gradient does not contain any Herdwick fibre. Herwick wool has many fine qualities, but being next to the skin soft is not one of them. Therefore this gradient, mirroring the gentle colours of the older 'matriarch' ewes is made from soft 21 micron merino and beautiful baby llama.

You will recieve 7 mini batts carefully blended, that together will make up just over 100g of fibre. The fibres in these batts will felt. If you do not wish them to, hand wash in cool water.