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Heart of Orion Gradient Batt Set - 135g

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This slightly larger than normal gradient batts set is based on a nebula found in the constellation of Orion. The Orion nebula is one of the brightest in the night sky and is approximately 1300 light years away from us. The nebula is an area of gas and dust where starts are being formed - they are sometime called stellar nurseries for that reason.

This set of 9 mini batts is made from 21 micron merino moving from vibrant greens through lime to gold and then moving through into cinnamon and reddy browns.

This gradient set can be made with or without the gold Angelina I used to indicate the twinkle of new stars seen in the photograph from NASA. If you would like the Angelina omitted from the bend, just leave a message at checkout.

The merino in this blend will felt. If you do not wish it to, hand wash in cool water.



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