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Manx Loaghton / Honey Tussah Silk smooth blended batts - 100g

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The Manx Loaghton sheep is a primitive breed that originated on the Isle of Man. It is a striking animal to encounter, as some individuals can have up to six horns! This is a rare native sheep breed of the UK, and almost went extinct in the 1970's. Happily there are now a number of flocks throughout the Isle of Man and the rest of the UK.

I find their fleece is similar to Shetland, although it only comes in one colour (Loaghton - mouse brown). It has a micron range of 27-31, with a relatively long staple length of 6-12cm. This means that the fibre is a straightforward fibre to hand spin.

I blended this beautiful rare breed fribre with unbleached, honey coloured tussah silk, with proportions of 1/3 silk to 2/3 Manx Loaghton. The addition of silk has added a wonderful shine to the blend.

Some people may find that the Manx fibre is a little too course for next to the skin wear. I am happy to wear it, even around my neck, and with the addition of the silk, would be happy to spin the blend into a fine yarn to make into a shawl.

You will receive 2 batts with a total combined weight of 100g.


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