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Spinning Clouds Gradients Batts

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When putting together this gradient, I wanted to put together a colourway based on a mythical figure associated with spinning. I eventually decided on the Queen of the Norse Gods, Frigg. She is said to have a magical garment of falcon feathers and a chariot pulled by rams and sheep. She is associated with clouds, mist and fog, which she is said to spin from her spindle (or wheel) into the threads of life which are woven by the Norns into the destiny of mankind.

Using the inspiration of Frigg spinning her ‘cloud sheep’ I decided to put together a luxurious blend suitable for the Queen of the Gods - softer than the clouds themselves!  The blend is made up of

47% superfine merino (18.5 micron)

33% tussah silk

20% cashmere

100g or 150g batt set


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