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Vixen Gradient Batt Set

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This gradient is the first instalment of the Fellview Fibres Gradient Club 2019. 

I chose a photograph of a fox, looking most interested in…something! I wanted this gradient to not only mimic the colours of this animal, but to give the depth of shades and variability in shades seen in the warm fox fur.

The basis of the gradient is soft, 21 micron merino, carefully blended with white and grey baby alpaca (to give the warmth for the fur) and white and grey Masham fibres. These fibres reflect the length of fibres of the alpaca, but also give the batts a little more bounce and body.

Achieving the correct colours for this blend was more difficult than normal, due to the subtle colours in the fox. As the coat gets lighter, the colours change from a reddy hue to a more golden (with a tinge of orange) colour. This transition was difficult to replicate, hence needing 8 batts rather than the usual 7 or 10. This means that this gradient comes in at about 115-120g

All of the fibres in this blend will felt. If you do not wish them to, hand wash in cool water.


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