30th June 2022

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Vulcan's Glory XL Gradient Batt Set - 150g

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My inspiration for this colourway came from the volcanic pool called the Morning Glory pool in Yellowstone National Park. It was given this name in the 1880's as it had the deep blue colour of the Morning Glory flower. Since then thousands of visitors have thrown pennies for luck into the pool. It is thought that these items may have reduced the flow of hot volcanic water to the pool. This has caused the temperature of the water to go down.

This has allowed the proliferation of the mats of yellow / green thermophilic bacteria which can now grow much closer to the centre of the pool, causing the almost rainbow colouration within the confines of the pool.

This gradient consists of 10 mini batts, which together add up to 150g of beautifully soft merino fibre. Carefully blended to produce gradations of colour from turquoise to tangerine.

The merino fibres will felt.