Arctic Night Hand pulled Rovings


I saw this photograph of the Aurora Borealis from an Icelandic beach, and loved the colours. 

I made these rovings by blending together 70% zwartables fibre with 20% black tussah silk and silver Angelina. The two fibres were then blended three times to make sure that the fibres were evenly disrtributed.

On the final pass through on the drum carder streaks of green, blue and damson colured silks were added (these shades were tussah silk and mulberry silk). These were then carefully pulled into handpulled rovings.

The zwartables fibre has a lovely bounce, it is not as soft as merino, but it is a light, open fibre which will be fun to spin.

With a total of 70% zwartables and 30%silk, this blend should be great for making socks.


Reviewed by on Apr 27, 2019