Update : 17th October 2023

It takes approximately 1 hour to make up 100g of fibre, some preparations take slightly longer than others. Due to some health issues, present dispatch times are now approximately 8-9 weeks. I am making up orders as quickly as I can. If you would like an update on when your order is likely to be dispatched, please do not hesitate to contact me at carol@fellviewfibres.co.uk

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Daddy Cool Rolags - 100g

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Why Daddy Cool? Seahorses along with their close relatives Sea Dragons and Pipefish as the only class of animals where the male gives birth to young. During the courtship dance, the fale deposits her eggs into the male abdomen pouch. He then fertilises and gestates the young. Finally muscles in the pouch will contract, expelling the young into the environment. It is theorised that seahorses do this to allow more offspring to be produced - as the female can now go and depost more eggs with other males.

This inspiration photograph is of a Black Seahorse (Hippocampus Javanicus) taken in the Red Sea.

I loved the interactions of the blue and burgundy shades in this photograph. The rolags are made of superfine merino, merino and mulberry silk.

The merino will felt, if you do not wish it to, hand wash in cool water.