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Snow Leopard rolags - 100g



These rolags were made for the Biodiversity Rolag Club. Snow Leopards, stunning, majestic animals, that sometimes have ice blue eyes live in the high mountains of Asia, including Tibet, Siberia, China and the Himalayas.

They have thick fur (up to 12 cm long on their stomachs ) in shades of white, cream, grey with mottled black markings. Their tails can be up to ¾ of the length of the animal, which are used both for balance and to wrap around them for warmth.

At present the snow leopards (more closely related to tigers than leopards) are classed as ‘vulnerable’, meaning that there are less than 10,000 adults in existence, and that number is falling.

The numbers are falling for many reasons including;

Human encroachment into their habitat


Fragmentation of habitat (snow leopards can have individual ranges over 80 square miles!)

Climate change – further reducing habitat area

Reduction in the larger prey species and more competition for the prey from other carnivores.

In these rolags I wanted to convey how thick and soft the fur of these animals is, along with the soft, natural shades. To do this I have used

Rambouillet – which has a slight yellow tinge to the white wool.

Baby camel blended with super soft merino

Yak blended with Rambouillet

Muga silk

Tussah Silk

Blue mulberry silk

The fibres are so soft and bouncy (thanks to the Rambouillet) and will make wonderfully warm yarn.