1st September 2021

It takes approximately 1 hour to make up 100g of fibre, some preparations take slightly longer than others. This is why at present I have a dispatch time of approximately 3-4 weeks, depending upon numbers of orders.

UK shipping will be sent via Royal Mail (either first class or tracked 48) and all international orders will be sent using a tracked method. Once your item is shipped I will send you an email with your tracking information.

If you have any questions, or would like changes to a blend, or a custom order, please contact me at carol@fellviewfibres.co.uk

Deadly Beauty Rolags / Punis - 100g



The Portuguese Man of War is a strange creature, that is actually a colony of individuals called polyps. The Man 'O War has a gas filled bladder, that allows it to be transported around the oceans by currents and winds.
The tentacles beneath the bladder are between 10-30m long, trailing along in the water. These tentacles are designed to paralyse small fish and other prey. Sadly, they are also responsible for tens of thousands of stings on humans in Australian waters alone each year.
However, when studied closely, these venomous tentacles look beautiful (see the inspiration photograph). 

I took 21 micron merino in shades of pink, blue and mauve and blended them with mulberry silk and tussah silk in shades of turquoise and purple.

These rolags will spin up into a smooth yarn with shimmer and drape. The merino in the blend will felt. If you do not wish the fibres to felt, hand wash in cool water.

You will receive 100g of rolags in the Deadly Beauty colourway.