Death - Handpulled Roving

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50g, 100g

These handpulled rovings are inspired by the character Death. A character of depth and dry humour, despite the fact that he is only 'anthropomorphisised personification of a natural process'.

These handpulled roving nests are 50% merino, approximately 15% baby llama and 35% silk. The silks used are both tussah and mulberry silk. With of course a little magical Angelina!

This colourway is designed to coordinate / contrast with the colourway 'Chess Anyone?' Therefore it is available in both 50g and 100g quantities. This is so the colourway can be easily used as an accent, border or main section of a larger project.

These photographs show 100g of handpulled roving nests.

The merino and baby llama fibres will felt. If you do not wish them to, hand wash in cool water.


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