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For Jessica O - Nautical Spiral Rolags - 250g


Please do not purchase if you are not Jessica O The inspiration photograph shows a fantastic spiral shell in shades of teal and golden hues. I have tried to emulate these colours using Corridale and Shetland fibres.

Both the Shetland and Corridale fibres have a slightly longer staple length than merino, and have a little more bulk and body. I also found these fibres a little easier to spin as a beginner, as they did not seem to slip as easily.

I tried to stick to only these two breeds of wool, however, I felt I needed to add some shimmering highlights to the rolags, so white tussah silk has been added to the blend.

Shetland and Corridale are not quite as soft as merino having a micron count of approximately 30 microns and 25-30 microns respectively - whereas the merino fibres I use has a micron count of 21. Therefore some people may find that the fibres may not be suitable for next to the skin wear, especially around the neck.

You will receive 250g of rolags With 10% discount total price is £36.00


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