08/04/2020 Welcome to Fellview Fibres - despite the restrictions in place in the UK due to the Coronavirus, I am still working on fibres at home, and I can now dispatch parcels 2 or 3 times per week. As soon as the restrictions are relaxed, normal daily dispatches will recommence.

All of the fibres are made to order - which at present takes approximately 1 -2 weeks . 

If you have any questions, custom requests, or would like an update on your order, please email me at carol@fellviewfibres.co.uk

Stay stafe, and Happy Spinning!

For Spinningstars - Promise of Spring - Luxury blend - 100g


I based the colours for this blend on the colours I have seen in snowdrops. Snowdrops are wonderful little flowers, that start to bloom in the midst of winter, keep our hopes up that spring will come soon.

This blend is made from 50% soft, bouncy Falkland fibre blended with 25% tussah silk and 25% mulberry silks in white and citrus tones.

The blend is beautifully open, and will be straightforward to spin. The high percentage of silk gives this blend a wonderful lustre and when spun up will have a lovely drape and shine

The Falkland fibre in this blend will felt, if you do not wish it to, hand wash in cool water.


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