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States of Matter Rolags - 100g

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My challenge was to produce some rolags on the theme of WATER. Now that I found difficult, because what colour is water? My first answer, the colour of the thing that it reflects - the sky or the sunset. My next thought was that water is not just the liquid.... snow, ice, clouds, mist, all of these natural phenomena are water. So, I searched for inspiration photographs with clouds, ice and water in them.

The inspiration photograph shows a floating iceberg next to misty mountains - all three states of matter.

I decided to use just one fibre for these rolags, the uber-soft 18,5 micron merino ( the merino I normall use is 21 micron - and yes you can really feel the diffierence) 

The rolags can happily be spun up into beautiful, smooth laceweight singles, as shown in the final photograph.

The supersoft merino will felt, if you do not wish it to, hand wash in cool water.


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