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Walking on the Moon Batts - 100g

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This slightly textured batt was inspired by the iconic photograph of an astronaut’s footprint on the moon and also some photographs of thin slices of moon rock observed through a microscope under polarized light. I have always considered lunar rock to be grey – whether due to their actual colour or because all of the photographs and footage I have seen is in black and white! So, I decided to combine the two ideas – grey rocks which hide flashes of colour.

This slightly textured batt, is called ‘Walking on the Moon’ and is made from fibres with lots of different textures, most in grey tones. So the basis of the blend is natural Jacob and Corridale, blended with grey superfine merino and grey tussah silk, with 20% recycled sari silk for the random pops of colour.

The Jacob, corridale and merino fibres will felt. If you do not wish them to, hand was in cool water.


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