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Sogdian Rolags - 100g



These rich, red rolags are the final in a series of rolags based on the theme of 'The Silk Roads'. I decided that I would base this colourway on some ancient textiles found along the Silk Routes

The photograph is of  Yingpan Man's funerary textiles. It is thought that the luxurious clothes of Yingpan Man date back approximately 2000 years. The textiles have survived amazingly well preserved, unlike the body, which is so fragile that it is never displayed with the stunning funerary garments.

The clothing he wore was of red, deep maroon and gold colour. They comprised of a belted woollen caftan, a pair of embroidered trousers and decorative footwear. The material and colour of his clothing display great wealth. It is thought that the man was a wealthy Sogdian trader. Those who laid the man to rest even included a minature caftan, resting on his mid section, possibly to be used in the afterlife.

The Sogdians were an Iranian people whose homeland, Sogdiana, was located at the centre of several of the silk routes, in present-day Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. 

The Sogdian rolags are made from merino (both 18.5 micron and 21 micron) in four shades of red, made more sumptuous with golden tussah silk and ruby bamboo added.