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Wild and Woolly rolags - 100g

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In November last year, I met a lovely lady, Anne Arnold, at the Dumfries and Galloway Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild Gathering. I loved this picture and asked Anne if I could use this as an inspiration picture for some rolags. She graciously told me that I could.

I call this colourway Wild and Woolly, because the day I got this needle felted picture was so wet, wild and woolly! In fact when driving back to Cumbria, at one point I had to pull over because I could not see the road, the rain was so heavy.

These rolags are made from Exmoor Blueface (a cross between Exmoor horn sheep and BFL), corridale, masham and merino. I would class this blend as 'medium'. I could not wear this blend around my neck, but I would be very happy to wear it as a hat or gloves.

All of these fibres will felt, if you do not wish them to, hand wash in cool water.

To see Anne's beautiful needle felted pictures, go to www.solwaywoolscapes.co.uk


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