1st September 2021

It takes approximately 1 hour to make up 100g of fibre, some preparations take slightly longer than others. This is why at present I have a dispatch time of approximately 3-4 weeks, depending upon numbers of orders.

UK shipping will be sent via Royal Mail (either first class or tracked 48) and all international orders will be sent using a tracked method. Once your item is shipped I will send you an email with your tracking information.

If you have any questions, or would like changes to a blend, or a custom order, please contact me at carol@fellviewfibres.co.uk

Year's End Gradient Batt Set - 100g

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I normally travel the three miles to the post office at least once most days. It is a lovely drive, with the lakeland fells to the left hand side, the Solway Firth and the Scottish hills to my right, and on a good day, the Isle of Man straight ahead. Part of my journey passes the old NATO ammunition depot, which I am certain must be an absolute haven for wildlife. It has been closed to the public and development for the whole of my lifetime. I enjoy watching the changes in the woodlands that have been allowed to grow there.

This gradient shows the colours found on the edges of the 'Dump' during a sunny November day. The gradient starts with the light, golden colour of the long grasses, moving into the the khaki shades of the broad leafed tree and moving onto the deep, rich green of the pine.

The batts are a careful blend of 33% tussah silk and 66% 21 micron merino. The resulting yarn will soft, warm and will have a lovely shimmer and shine - and will also have a great drape - fantastic for shawls. The inclusion of such a high percentage of silk will also make this blend tough enough to be used for socks.